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Janwaar Castle

The Rural Change Makers

Janwaar, is a remote village, situated in Madhya Pradesh's Panna district and the 'castle' that it boasts of, is the local playground where children learn how to skateboard.

A sport, which has long been identified with urban neighborhoods across the world, is being used in as a trigger for social change.

Largest skateboard park in all of rural India
Teaching children about gender equality 
Improved school attendance by introduction of the skate park
Learning labs and workshops in dance, art and agriculture
Participate in skateboarding events internationally
Sponsorship for students to attend courses abroad
Our Visit

Skateboarding is changing the lives of many children in a rural village in Madhya Pradesh, India, Skate park has given the whole village especially the kids and the young people a new lease of life and proven a force for positive change.

Contact Janwaar Castle

Panna Khajuraho Rd, Janwaar, Panna - 488441, Madhya Pradesh

+91 22 25212511,
+91 8080 222 377

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