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Aagor Daagra Afad

Weaving hope for Bodo Tribal Women

Aagor, a Bodo word meaning “motifs”, not just has its rural connect in the name, but also in its craftswomen and administration. Aagor involves over a hundred women weavers, largely from the Bodo tribe. Holding on to the traditional motifs that are inspired from nature – daorai mekhrep or wink of a peacock, dinkhiya or fern, kasau bikha or chest of a turtle – some of the best designers collaborate with rural weavers to bring out fashionable outfits with strong traditional designs.

Fair trade organisation that gives money back to the artisans 
Preserving the traditional art of weaving
Provides artisans with medical insurance and health benefits
Free accommodations for the artisans 
Provides subsidized food for artisans
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In Bodo language “Aagor” means ‘design or Motif’ while “Daagra Afad” means weavers’ organisation.


Aagor Daagra Afad is a non-profit trust formed in 2005 with an objective to sustain the traditional weaving art and to create livelihood opportunities for tribal women in Bodoland, Assam (India). Aagor is run by women and its board of trustees is elected and guided by the Weavers Executive Committee.


Aagor Daagra Afad


Behind ABSU Office, Sukanipara,

Po- Khagrabari,

Dist Chirang - Assam 783 380


+91 3664 231436

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